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Diana Meyer Living an Organic Lifestyle
Diana Meyer Living an Organic Lifestyle

My name is Diana Meyer. Coming from a Sales, Marketing and Business Development background, in 2003 I decided to start working from home as I’ve moved to France from my native tropical island named Mauritius.


Although I quickly got a job in France as a Real Estate agent in a well-known agency, I couldn’t picture myself going to work under the winter of East France … remember that I come from a tropical island, so -12°C and below is a real nightmare for me!! 😉

Thus, I decided then to work from the comfort of my home without really knowing what I would be doing.

Searching in the newspapers I found an advert about the opportunity of building our own business from home which most of you reading this will understand that it was an advert about a Network Marketing company which was Herbalife! I called and one of their Independent Distributor introduced me to the opportunity. Few days later I invested €4,000 in their packages and even went to their next International Convention held in Paris!!

A year after I realised that it wasn’t for me as I did not feel comfortable with their way of doing business, so I left although I did not get back what I invested in. This was an experience though as I realised that I could do a lot of things from home and started searching the web which got me into Marketing again but this time it was Digital Marketing which I’m still passionate about 😉

To make the story short, those past 15 years have been enriched with many different business experiences, and I have also taken many courses from experts in the fields of Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Cryptocurrency and Personal Development.

So, why today a website about Organic Food and Organic Products?

Well, since my childhood my Parents and Grandmother have always taught me how good it is to eat healthy and respect the environment. I got married and kept these principles in my household. Today I’m unfortunately witnessing so many people around the world who are getting sick with all kinds of illness:  AlzheimerAllergies, Asthma, Cancer, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Psoriasis, etc ….

Thus, I decided to start sharing what I know about Organic Food and Organic Products so that people around the world can get informed and take the right decision for their health and the health of their loved ones without having to spend a fortune on good products!

Since the end of the 1960’s, we have been evolving in a society where the food industry has gradually entered our plates. It has shaped our eating habits and changed our conception of meals based on the modernisation of a Western way of life where cooking appears to be a task.

We entrusted our meals to the detriment of our health and natural products, without pesticides, additives or dyes. We have gradually lost awareness of the seasonality of foods and their nutritional benefits. The “all season”, the “ready-to-eat”, the pasteurised and UHT, the non-perishable and processed products have largely taken over the organic diet, through the intensification of agriculture and breeding.

From my knowledge, when we eat organic foods we stay linked to nature and our body get stronger each day.

EAT ORGANIC: Vitamins, Minerals and High Quality Trace Elements!

Better nutritional intake, that’s what eating organic food also guarantees!

The use of short circuits, by promoting local sectors, gives our fruits and vegetables the time they need to ripen. Guaranteeing the maturation time means allowing the food to fill up with nutrients. Our foods are therefore more provided with micro-nutrients and contain more dry matter than products from intensive agriculture. Thus, our organism has the necessary resources for its proper functioning.

Organic makes it possible to use more natural, unprocessed foods, the refinement of which, if any, is carried out in accordance with the organic farming charter. Preserving, caring for and improving your health thanks to raw and unprocessed foods, this is what organic allows.


Clothing made from organic fabrics respects the environment from cultivation to the various stages of processing. Cotton, for example, does not contain GMO, synthetic pesticides or other chemicals. By choosing this product, you will enjoy all the benefits of organic cotton fabrics for your daily health.

Indeed, the organic labelled fabric limits the risk of allergies, especially in babies and young children. You are going to treat yourself to a flexible, soft and very comfortable to wear fabric.

Apart from allergies and skin problems, organic cotton fabrics improve emotional and mental health. The concern about the presence of harmful products on the fabric is totally resolved. But in order to enjoy all the benefits of organic cotton fabrics, make sure that:

– Cotton does not have bright colours,
– Cotton does not have an artificial fragrance,
– This is cotton certified by a recognised certification label,
– Cotton is bleached with natural products.


Choosing your household linen is done according to different criteria and to each person. Some will favour the softness of a material, others a material in which they will neither be too hot nor too cold, others finally that which does not harm their health …

Behaviour changes appear with development and ecological awareness. And this is pushing more and more Eco-responsible consumers towards organic products or products from responsible trade.

Bed linen is of course affected by these new consumption habits, there is a real consumer interest in organic household linen, in particular bed linen …

Consumer choice is moving towards natural fibres (Cotton, Flax, Hemp and Bamboo) rather than synthetic fibres (obtained from carbochemicals and petrochemicals).

I hope that you will find enough information on my website to help you understand how important it is to have an organic diet and create an organic environment to stay healthy and happy 😉

If you ever have any question, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

To your Healthy journey,

The Founder of Organic Lifestyle